MACE has delegated the operation of namespace to SIFULAN.

This is the registry entry point for the namespace.

Namespace administered by SIFULAN


namespace Purpose Date registered Delegated to
PREFIX:federation SIFULAN Federation 22-12-2022 SIFULAN
PREFIX:edugain SIFULAN eduGAIN export 22-12-2022 SIFULAN
PREFIX:testfederation SIFULAN Test Federation 22-12-2022 SIFULAN
PREFIX:staff Staff of SIFULAN Federation. Retired; replaced by PREFIX:role:* 22-12-2022 SIFULAN
PREFIX:associate SIFULAN VHO Members. Retired; replaced by PREFIX:role:* 22-12-2022 SIFULAN
PREFIX:rbac:* SIFULAN RBAC entitlement. Retired; replaced by PREFIX:res:* 22-12-2022 SIFULAN
PREFIX:res:* SIFULAN Resource entitlement 19-05-2024 SIFULAN
PREFIX:role:* Organizational Role. Current values: staff,affiliate,member 19-05-2024 SIFULAN

The namespaces above may have additional spaces for a finer assignment. You may need to contact the delegate to get more detail information.

Please contact SIFULAN support if you would like to have a SIFULAN’s MACE namespace for your organization. It will be in PREFIX:TLD:SPACE format where TLD is your organization’s domain, and NAME is a locally defined space.