An organisation can become a member of SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation as Identity Provider and/or Service Provider. Each membership type has its own requirement. Below is a glimpse description of each membership type.

Identity Provider

Organizations part of the Malaysia Higher Learning Education Institution can operate an Identity Provider (IdP) to serve as Home Organization and also operate Authentication Authorization Infrastructure (AAI)-enabled web resources (Service Providers, SP). The Institution must be registered with the Ministry of Higher Learning Education Malaysia.

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Service Provider

Typically, organisations under this membership category operates AAI-enabled web resources (Service Providers, SP) and make them available for the users with an AAI-enabled account at one of the participating Home Organizations that operate an Identity Provider (IdP).

Learn more about joining SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation as Service Provider.


SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation provides two levels of federations: the Production Federation and Test Federation.

  • The Test Federation provides a test environment where you can mainly test connections and verify the operation and behavior of the deployed SAML Middleware (e.g. Shibboleth, SimpleSAMLphp) environment. Once the requirements, such as an operation test, are met on the Test Federation, the next step is the Production Federation.
  • The Production Federation is used for the actual operation using an organization’s real data. By joining the Production Federation, you are able to utilize the fully-fledged authentication between the other organizations including commercial services.

In principle, to set up an IdP or SP, you are initially required to verify the operation under the test environment, and then move on to the Production Federation.