The SIFULAN Federation Policy is the core document where all rights and obligations are listed. To participate in SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation as Identity Provider, your organization has to agree to be bound by the Federation Policy in writing by an official representative of the organization. Each application for membership including (if applicable) the Identity Management Practice Statement SHALL be evaluated by the SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation and MUST pass technology implementation compliance test. The SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation SHALL present a recommendation for membership with an evaluation report on whether to grant or refuse the application to the existing members. In general, any universities, university colleges, research institutions, government agencies and registered organizations that are related to Malaysian research and educational sector are eligible to apply for SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation as Identity Provider.


SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation’s fee schedule has not yet been finalised. However, the general principal is that identity providers should contribute towards the costs of running the federation.

Once these costs have been determined, they will be published on this website and announced to existing participants. Per the Participation Agreement, participants will then have some time to decide whether to become a member of SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation or to withdraw from the federation.


In order to technically join the SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation, it is of course necessary to install and configure a SAML Identity Provider (IdP) middleware. SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation strongly recommends the use of open source implementation such as Shibboleth or SimpleSAMLphp. For that purpose, SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation provides installation instructions and How-To manuals.

Where identity providers ask SIFULAN to assist with integration/infrastructure setup, and where SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation is able to provide such assistance, we reserve the right to recover additional costs we incur at our prevailing consulting rates. This would be negotiated in advance on a per-case basis.