Metadata Feeds

SIFULAN Federation publishes two SAML metadata feeds: Production Metadata and Test Metadata. The Production Metadata consists of IdP and SP metadata that have passed/complied with the technical requirement of SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation, while the Test Metadata consists of IdP and SP metadata that yet to pass/comply with the technical requirement or still under development. In addition, SIFULAN Federation also (re)publishes the eduGAIN metadata. This metadata feed contains all the entities in the eduGAIN metadata minus SIFULAN Federation members (SIFULAN Federation members shall use the Production Metadata feed to obtain SIFULAN Federation members entities) and all SIFULAN Federation members SHOULD use this eduGAIN metadata feed instead of directly from the eduGAIN. The URLs for each metadata feed are below:

Production Metadata
Test Metadata
eduGAIN Metadata

Metadata Query Service

SIFULAN Federation also provides Metadata Query (MDQ) Service. This service can be used to reduce the memory and network requirement for the entities as the IdP/SP can request the metadata from SIFULAN Federation on-demand instead of consuming the full set of the metadata feeds. This MDQ Service is accessible by using this URL:

Metadata Signer Key

The SIFULAN Federation metadatas are signed by using a signing key. The detail of the signing key is as below:

Signing Certificate
SHA1 fingerprint: 9C:F3:4F:1F:9C:5A:82:EF:0E:ED:B3:6E:D9:76:53:83:DD:98:DD:95
SHA256 fingerprint: A5:01:65:2E:5B:F5:2B:2A:CD:D1:CE:A1:41:6F:1A:C5:94:0C:D9:0F:B9:1D:6A:7A:A6:30:0E:D8:5D:FE:68:77

SIFULAN Federation members shall validate all the metadata feed by using the above key.

Metadata Registration Practice Statement (MRPS)

The MRPS indicates the metadata management process conducted by the SIFULAN Malaysian Access Federation Operator.

SIFULAN Metadata Registration Practice Statement

SAML Web Single Sign-On Technology Profile

The SAML Web Single Sign-On Technology Profile defines a standard that enables Identity Providers and Relying Parties to create and use Web Single Sign-On services using SAML.

SIFULAN SAML Web Single Sign-On Technology Profile